My feet feel very happy and I am walking on air! Thanks for the toe separators – that was very kind of you!
Jenni, Cockermouth

Adele and Joanne, you bring sunshine in to your clients’ lives and that is special!
Hilary, Cockermouth

My feet feel very comfortable and I am very pleased with your skilful work. You are a lovely girl, full of life and humour.
Bill, Stainton

Two weeks in and just about pain free! You magician you! Saw the consultant last week. Only in for seven minutes. Told me to carry on with what I was doing.
Alan, Cockermouth

If a podiatrist can have a ‘bedside manner’ then Adele’s is terrific. She is attentive and completely focused on customer care. Dare I say that, perversely, given the nature of the procedure, I enjoyed the whole experience!
Anne, Brigham

You are a true professional and a credit to your profession.
Sandra, Cockermouth

I always look forward to my visit. Adele makes you feel special and the atmosphere is so warm and homely.
Linda, Cockermouth