Download our guide to Nail Surgery by clicking on the leaflet on the left or this link here. This will give you all the information you need on what to expect. We also summarise it here:

Nail surgery is an effective long-term solution to painful, recurring ingrowing toenails or uncomfortable thickened nails.

The procedure is only carried out after an assessment of the vascular and neurological health of your lower limbs, combined with an assessment of drug interactions and your overall health.

We will use a local anaesthetic is used to numb the toe or toes, with two injections at the base of the toe. It is often the most uncomfortable part of the procedure but only lasts a short time and is essential if the client doesn’t want to feel pain.

A tourniquet is then applied and either whole or part of the nail is removed using very fine instruments to minimise tissue damage and post operative pain. Phenol is applied to the nail bed in measured doses to prevent re-growth of the nail. The toe is finally dressed, then we give you full instructions and a dressing pack to use at home.

We’ll advise you how to care for your toe while it heals too. You’ll need to consider your job, if it’s an active one, and also your exercise regime, and your holiday plans. Salt water is good – but sand isn’t!

Post-operative care at Cockermouth Chiropody/Podiatry is included in the procedure fee and we won’t discharge you until we are happy healing is complete.