Here at Cockermouth Podiatry we offer a comprehensive range of treatments, all designed to alleviate and improve your foot health and tailored specifically for you. We're proud members of the Royal College of Podiatry, and ensure your health and safety is at the heart of our practice. We offer a wide range of services – from simple nail care to nail surgery, as well as minor procedures carried out under local anaesthetic, and specialist biomechanics and prescription orthotics. If you'd like to find out more about our team you can take a look here.

Every consultation includes a full health check of your feet and lower limbs – we look at everything from your symptoms to your circulation, and give you a diagnosis, treatment and advice. Check out our treatments here.

We look forward to seeing you at our clinics in Cockermouth and Keswick. Get in touch on 01900 826980 or by emailing us here.

Swift verruca treatment available Cockermouth Chiropody / Podiatry

We are proud to be a certified Swift provider, and to offer our patients this incredible treatment. If you are struggling with a verruca, get in touch with our team and book your Swift appointment now.

Unlike other verruca treatments, Swift uses microwave energy to treat the affected tissue. As Swift does not break the surface of the skin, there is no need for bandages or dressing, leaving you to carry on your day as normal. Check out testimonials here.

Keswick Clinic Open

Keswick Clinic Cockermouth Podiatry 4

We are very pleased to offer podiatry appointments at our clinic in Keswick. This gives our patients extra choice and flexibility in where they can access our services. Check out our video which contains directions and info on parking - its a fabulous space and we look forward to welcoming you soon.